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Protecting Your Residents

Protecting Your Clients

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Safe and long lasting protection from mosquitoes. Applied to any hard surface such as walls and ceilings, food cupboards and dark areas, the product will continue to protect you for over 12 months.

Protecting You From Mosquitoes

Apply to high
areas of a
room or building


For biting mosquitoes (Vectors)

  • Apply using a roller or paintbrush
  • Paint a strip about 4 inches, or 8 cms wide
  • To top of walls
  • Where ceilings join walls
  • Dark areas of a room
  • Around the lights

For Crawling Insects

Apply to lower
edges of walls
and in cupboards

For Crawling Insects

  • Apply strip to bottom of walls
  • In food cupboards
  • Beds
  • Ledges
  • Window Frames

"It's so easy to apply and it goes a long way"

1 litre of VC Coating applied as a band / strip of approximately 4 -6 inches (8 - 10 cms) around the tops of walls and to the edges of the ceiling where they meet the walls, will cover approximately 2 average sized rooms.

Sizes: 1, 5 and 20 litres