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Vectorcide Coating is a unique formulation built on many years of research and development. Using a highly advanced micro and nano encapsulation formulation, it only releases its potent killing agent onto mosquitoes - and not us!

Unique Nano and Micro encapsulation formulation only releases the active agent when a mosquito 
 ruptures the capsules.

Product Overview

Years of development has created a truly unique and effective product that protects you 24 / 7 / 365

The capsules are microscopic, with billions of particles per square metre / yard. As the coating dries they rise to the surface of our specially developed polymeric coating. They are not released when we touch or wipe the surface, but the method used by mosquitoes (trampling) to attach or cling on surfaces will break them.

Years of testing and approvals and 2 year long evaluation on case studies in Zambia. Documented by The Zambian Government to prevent thousands of new cases of malaria intreated villages.


Tested by The London School of Hygine and Tropical Medicine, it has been proven to be still 99.7% effective in killing mosquitoes 15 months after application. testing continues to prove further longevity of performance.

Case Studies

Vectorcide Coating has been proven to significantly reduce the new cases of malaria in Zambia. It was applied to the wall of mud huts and the Zambian Government has hailed and reported the success of the product

Advanced Nano and Coating Development

Our facilities use the latest in nano encapsulation and surface coating development to create the most effective, safest, proven products

Using specialised equipment, the nano and micro encapsulation process is manufactured in Europe and in other parts of the world.


Kills all types of insects


Non-toxic and no fumes

Cost Effective

Lasts over 1 year