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Vectorcide Insecticidal Coating

With advanced and unique
technology to kill mosquitoes.

Vectorcide Coating

Protecting people across the world

Safe and long lasting protection from mosquitoes. Applied to any hard surface such as walls and ceilings, food cupboards and dark areas, the product will continue to protect you for over 12 months.

Product Overview

Years or development has created a truly unique and effective product that protects you 24 / 7 / 365

As the coating dries our nano-capsules rise to the surface of our specially developed polymeric coating. They are not released when we touch or wipe the surface, but the method used by mosquitoes (trampling) to attach or cling on surfaces will break them.

The mosquito's spiky feet pierce the outer micro capsule membrane, releasing the contained active onto the insect. This targets their central nervous system.

Once they have been targeted by the active, they will try to fly or crawl away and will die within a short period of time. Therefore they are prevented from biting their prey - US!


Tested by The London School of Hygine and Tropical Medicine, it has been proven to be still 99.7% effective in killing mosquitoes 15 months after application. Testing continues to prove further longevity of performance.

Case Studies

Vectorcide Coating has been proven to significantly reduce the new cases of malaria in Zambia. It was applied to the wall of mud huts and the Zambian Government has hailed and reported the success of the product.

Suitable for

any room


  • Non toxic
  • No fumes or smell
  • Easy to apply
  • Only one coat required
  • 1 litre will do an average 2 x rooms


  • Kills all types of insects
  • Continuous 24 / 7 / 365 protection
  • Clear and hardly visible
  • Apply to any hard surface

Vectorcide Insecticidal Coating is a formulation of a
specialised paint like substance, milky in colour that dries
to a clear, almost invisible finish that kills insects.

In the coating is our advanced and unique formulation of nano encapsulated products which contains the World Health Organisation approved active ingredient to kill mosquitoes. It is only released by the actual insect.

Many years of research and development have gone into creating this simple to apply product which has 99.7% kill rate on mosquitoes even after15 months from application on surfaces.

Vectorcide Coating is applied to hard surfaces. A narrow strip, typically 4 - 6 inches (8 - 10 cms) is applied using a roller to the top of the walls where they meet the ceiling and on the ceiling joining the treated top of walls.


1 litre will cover 30 - 40 square metres using a roller

Average of 2 rooms when applied as recommended

Drying Time

Usually dry within 2 hours


It MUST NOT be diluted


Ensure surfaces are clean and dry before applying


Available in 1, 5, and 20 and 1,000 litres

Apply With

Apply using a 6" Paint Roller


Only 1 coat is required


Dries to a clear / opaque protective strip once dry